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Alex Jones Contest Entry

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1 month 1 week ago - 1 month 1 week ago #403 by Silent

We pulled it off, we had rough week making this happen. We tried it a few times for a few weeks but could not get anything to stick, many different version came up..
We gave up cause the deadline, well, the last deadline..and then they extended the deadline and we took it as a chance to try it again..

We hit the studio and we grabbed the first thing that fell on the table for ideas and stuck to it till it was done..
for those who don't know us, I (bee/silent) do all the playing of the instruments, I can play the drums too, have a set, played since i was 12. But the drama of micing them and setting up the mix to sound good is hell, I don't know jack about any of the recording side of things..and I make a mess every time when it comes to getting real drums to work well in a mix. Its a freak'en nightmare. loosing ideas and whatever mojo i came to work on a song with..hate doing this alone..the only help i got left after having my band is Edd..she sings backups to what I do and helps with the mixing, it would sound way worse without her trust me lol plus I cant stand to hear myself sing so theres that always tryen to push her mix over me..and try and stop me lol. I do this all alone and without her I wont press record at all..she's so in a good way though. why I do it alone? I got a bio written some where about all dig it out if someone wants to know. anyway drums are AD Drums, a click and drop type of pattern thing..lucky to find a pattern to work sometimes be able to play it better then what is dropped in most cases.

The video was cooked up last minute, had no idea what was going to show up in it..even as i was poken around looking for stuff to dropped in phrase by phrase.. at that time we were so beat we were drinking out of empty cups and not taking time to eat and just sleep walking and mumbling l ..3 in the morning we pressed upload hours before the extended deadline..

we didnt send it to get mastered lol, and man did the vocals get buried in the mix, All I can say is, DUDE!!! im not an engineer! were trying to do the best we can, and we KNOW its lacking! We have 332studios to send our stuff to but it cost money, and we owe back rent right now.

I personally don't see us having any chance to win anything as a band for this contest, Eddmoo thinks different though, I luv her enthusiasm ; )
BUT were honored to at least stand with the troops in this battlefront. its like some kinda on-line Woodstock right? oh yea!

On the subject matter, Alex and his team are so right on! EPIC research and exposer's digging up whats hidden! can you believe the depth of the world we live in?
Someone has to do what he does! Not to discredit any of the people who ARE in this battle to expose the truth for what it is. I'm honored and humbled by ALL those folks who struggle daily, loosing sleep, loosing their peace of mind, all just to have the chance to tell us like it IS.
I really don't see us coming to truth without them, this ship sinks without them.

Heres to The team of Alex Jones!


Were holding a shield and pushing back the onslaught with you.

Hold the line.

thanks for the chance to come together


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