Tuesday, July 07, 2020
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2015 05 04 20h23 12We did it! So awesome to finally have done this. Its taken me since I was 15 to get here. Anyone who's ever known me through the years knows how much I've been at this. So many song ideas, doodles, and just...effort. Why did this take so long? Well...I have been able to write, record and produce ever since my first 4-track back when I was in my late teens, but I lost those tracks and tapes when I went through my divorce. I lost everything down to the clothes on my back because of all that. But today, I have been able to get as much back to make an album of our very own. My wife an I did it together. Ever since she came into the studio to be part of our group again, I have been able to keep in my element to make songs count. 

The last few songs started to take a "bubble gum" direction and it has me a little worried. I'm not totally convinced this is where it's going. There is still so much rock and roll in me that during the times of these monthly releases, I go and hang out in the jam room with the guys, and we totally rock out, old school rock style. So when we drop these tracks in the studio and go at them with lyric and vocal tracks, it's so different from what's going on in my real time jams. As much as I have been trying to incorporate this jam sound into the tracks, it has not been able to stick. I mean, for example, I would go in the studio and plug in to jam guitar stuff onto the spots in the tracks that need that, and I just blow it up. I go at it for hours and even days sometims, with that lead part looping, and I'm jamming on guitar. Leads come and leads go, every lead comes back new, different from the last, and in the end I get ten million takes and not a clue what to use, because they all sound good to me. What ends up happening, usually, is that I give it all I've got, don't record anything until the last freakin' minute, and then use that take.


Hello all...Hello from lake Tahoe...yes, that is real... :D

Just a quick update as to what's happening in the world of Silent Company...

We're still a little under three weeks from our next release date, and with the Memorial Day holiday coming up this weekend, we're going to have a good chunk of uninterrupted time for studio work...yay!

Bee is hard at work on the composition side, jamming on guitar, the much loved Epiphone ES-339. We've been talking for some time about the possibility of a more rock-ish track, or something along that line, but as those of you familiar with SC know, we only go with what "comes in the mail", as it were, so we'll see...there might even be some keyboard work to start things off, and we've been working hard to get Bee's DDrum Defiant kit (it's the one on the left, black metallic, and it's actually a hybrid, so it's more like an 8, or even 9...lost count of the add ons!...what a badass kit!!!) hooked up so that he can play live drums on the tracks, too...sounds like a busy weekend headed our way!