Tuesday, July 07, 2020
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Hello all...Hello from lake Tahoe...yes, that is real... :D

Just a quick update as to what's happening in the world of Silent Company...

We're still a little under three weeks from our next release date, and with the Memorial Day holiday coming up this weekend, we're going to have a good chunk of uninterrupted time for studio work...yay!

Bee is hard at work on the composition side, jamming on guitar, the much loved Epiphone ES-339. We've been talking for some time about the possibility of a more rock-ish track, or something along that line, but as those of you familiar with SC know, we only go with what "comes in the mail", as it were, so we'll see...there might even be some keyboard work to start things off, and we've been working hard to get Bee's DDrum Defiant kit (it's the one on the left, black metallic, and it's actually a hybrid, so it's more like an 8, or even 9...lost count of the add ons!...what a badass kit!!!) hooked up so that he can play live drums on the tracks, too...sounds like a busy weekend headed our way!

In the meantime, as Bee is hard at work in the studio, Edd (yours truly) is following up on radio placement and other promo for our latest, "Find Our Way", until we can once again enter the charts at Beat100. We've found a few new promising leads, new places to send our tracks, so we'll keep you all updated on that.

 As for overall interaction, we found a great new forum, HomeRecording.com, and are getting some great feedback about our work, what to look at to improve, what already works, stuff like that, from a knowledgable group of folks. We'll definitely be keeping up withthat, what a find for the indie artist! Networking, help, feedback, promo...it's a great place.

 So, for now, as of Wednesday, May 20, 2015, at about 11:45pm...is that just waaaaay too detailed???...this is where we're at. Also, you can always feel free to catch up with us on Facebook, Twitter, or here on our own very own forum...we do our best to answer everybody, so if you've got a comment, question, or just want to ask how the weather is here in beautiful Lake Tahoe (check out the sunset! yup, it's real!), go right on ahead... :)

Take care, Rockstars, we'll catch up with you all soon...