Monday, July 22, 2024
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Vocal and Lyrical Collaborations

Showcasing some of the best singers & writers I have ever had a chance to work with.
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Music & whats next

Below are few takes from recent raw rock guitar jams. We never had much time to get vocals on any of these ideas. My idea was to try and incorporate my raw rock guitar sound with all this electronic stuff I was cooking up. I was looking to get some help to work that out in the studio because all my attempts kept flopping due to the tech side of mixing the two to vibe well. My goal was to get that all worked out in the sound for next album project. We kept landing on a sound between R&B funk, with edgy rock over tones..vocals kept landing upfront and over the top and more deliberate. As these pots were cooking in the back burners , the studio went dark because we got shut down due to circumstances out of our control. All this happened back in 2016.
Thanks to My Daughter Faith before we got shut down, I was able to push out a single release using my original rock tone that I grew up with.
That song in this stack is called "For Snow" - She was using her stage name as "Snow In September" - Its funny cause she walked in the studio one day while I was cutting this riff out and she just sang to it. To me this is my favorite rock track I ever did, it has my heart.

I play all the instruments on these, using Ezdrummer drum patterns

Rock Guitar

Improve first take, Tossed on a beat, turned on amp, played a quick riff on the beat, press record. select and loop. kick the pedal for lead, record, play till it speaks, repeat a few times.. save and upload. quick takes in Reaper - me on bass and guitars - Ezdrummer on drums

Rock Guitar

Riff rounds. first take lead . too fun. =0) All day quick takes in Reaper - me on bass and guitars - Ezdrummer on drums

Rock Guitar

My Super Star daughter Faith on the mic with me. Off one of our spontaneous studio jams. "Snow In September" - Faith Ramirez Vocals and lyrics - me on bass and guitars - Ezdrummer on drums