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 Silent Company /  bee@i2iproductions.com /  11 May 2020 /  6087 views

Changed my tuning to 423hz. 'Fire Lotus' is the first track out with 423hz. No I didn't make a mistake , I have nothing against 432. Its just something personal I feel about 423hz ;) I had gone round and round looking into the idea of tuning when the subject started becoming obvious , I realized it was a matter of preference to some musical composers to pick the tuning. although aligning tuning with cymatic reasons has its proven results, it still had to do with what the composer ultimately wanted to use..I don't go with the idea of damage of brain cells is a factor in choosing the 'wrong' frequency, though many would argue some music can hurt listening to.. I went into asking the universe as to what would be cool for me to use as a tuning..I had a dream i woke up and looked at my clock that is a digital clock..in the dream i seen the time say 4.30 ..and the then i really woke up and the clock said 4.23 ..i said to myself..thats odd i went back in time to 4.23..woke up the next morning.and remembered asking the universe about what would be a frequency for my tuning .and the only thing that i remembered was the idea i went back in time in a dream to see 423...423 stuck out as the number ..and it added up to 9! my favorite number. so i tried it..set my tuner to 423hz and tuned my guitar to it..sounded great actually...thats it. nothing to do with magic or cymatics and the argument for me is settled..now i can get back to making music.

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