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"Next To You" Finishes 3rd in February 16, 2015 Beat100 World Music Video Chart

United Kingdom (February 16, 2015) - In third place this week, and making their third appearance at the top of the World Music Video Chart in five months is Silent Company! We last saw Silent Company in the chart in December last year when they finished in first place with 'Eli's Moon', they add to their winning streak with this week's track; a blues infused rock song with a melancholy vibe entitled 'Next To You'. Gaining over 3200 views to date, the duo's newest track looks at all we can do to be with the one we love in good times and in bad.

The love-infused music video is an amalgamation of clips from romance classic 'The Notebook', perfectly portraying the pair's beautiful lyrics. The duo consists of married couple Bee and Edd (or Bill and Stacey Ramirez as they are formally known), we can hear them combine their vocals this week, while Bee shows his skills on the piano. As we move into 2015, the pair are currently working hard on their next album and releasing tracks as they come. Talking to BEAT100 about their latest release, Silent Company say '"This is our third time on the Beat100 weekly video chart, and really, it's an amazing honour each time. It never gets old. It's not routine for us, what we do, nor is any recognition. Each song is a gift, both from us to the audience, and from the universe to us. We are humbled each time we get a vote, see a comment, and know that people, artists and fans alike, are enjoying the music we make, and the message we pass along. Nothing could be better that what we're doing, right now.'

It seems Silent Company are certainly becoming firm favourites among the BEAT100 community and, as their track record shows, we will most definitely be seeing them in the charts again soon!

Written By: Amy Reid, Staff Writer