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Believe (Walk On Water)Silent Company Releases "Believe (Walk On Water)", Most Heartfelt To Date

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA (November 10, 2015) - With the release of "Believe (Walk On Water), Silent Company speaks to the lost and lonely in all of us.

Into each life a little rain must fall, goes the saying. But what if one's entire life is nothing but dark clouds with no silver lining? What do we hold on to? What do we reach for, to make things whole again? In a poignantly personal song, Silent Company says to each and every one that there is something out there; a hope, a better way, if all we do is believe that it will come to us, and keep the hope in our heart of hearts. Belief, and the chance that we take in exercising it, can bring us all to our heart's desires: peace, love, fulfillment, destiny.

In a radical departure from most of their other offerings of late, this very nearly zydeco-inspired track has a mid tempo rhythm that draws the listener along, a string grouping that is haunting at times, melodic for sure, and uplifting in the best of ways. Bee and Edd are in full on duet-mode, with a Shakespearean-type chorus, speaking one's conscience along the way. Bee's Epiphone takes a complete break on this tune, but the strings, piano, and a walking beat more than make the song. We all have hard times, even hard lives, but belief, and our eternal desire to see its manifestation, can turn everything around. Just believe, and you will see...

For more information on Silent Company, go to Check out the video on Beat100, and around the web.

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