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Dragonfly Witness, 2014

1 year 10 months ago - 1 year 10 months ago #534 by Silent

hello..Posted Sept 24 2020
this may not last on youtube long..
looking for the mention of an article that this volunteer had this response after taking the vaccine

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1 year 10 months ago #535 by Silent
Found this today. Oct 11,2020

jump to 28:55


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1 year 9 months ago - 1 year 9 months ago #536 by Silent
Isaiah 10 24-25
לָכֵ֗ן כֹּֽה־ אָמַ֞ר אֲדֹנָ֤י יְהוִה֙ צְבָא֔וֹת אַל־ תִּירָ֥א עַמִּ֛י
יֹשֵׁ֥ב צִיּ֖וֹן מֵֽאַשּׁ֑וּר בַּשֵּׁ֣בֶט יַכֶּ֔כָּה וּמַטֵּ֥הוּ יִשָּֽׂא־ עָלֶ֖יךָ
בְּדֶ֥רֶךְ מִצְרָֽיִם׃
כִּי־ ע֖וֹד מְעַ֣ט מִזְעָ֑ר וְכָ֣לָה זַ֔עַם וְאַפִּ֖י עַל־ תַּבְלִיתָֽם
Yeshayah 10 - Orthodox Jewish Bible
Therefore thus saith Adonoi Hashem Tzva’os, O My people that dwellest in Tziyon, be not afraid of Ashur; if he strike thee with the shevet, and lift his matteh against thee, in the manner of Mitzrayim.

 For yet a very little while, and the za’am (anger, indignation) shall pass, and Mine wrath turn for their destruction.

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1 year 9 months ago - 1 year 9 months ago #537 by Silent

Silent wrote: Ok..Im hung up on this Justic thing..
what its saying is Justice is all by itself without the need for what we call right and sits as it states its own directive above the dynamic of living..
as ballance gets busyt to realign our thinking..we face truths that we abort in our reasoning or we find ways to embrace them.
paradigms shifting and all the above ..we float around like a handful of peas tossed off into the ocean some to land on beach shores as other struggle in the waves.
for our state of mind to become the change we have to collect enough of these peas into a cup and we then can move into the ways we need to become..each state brings its own management and team of problems..every level in the game has its set of challenges.
Justice is a facotr in our current state of mind and reality..we are in the process to collect enough of these peas to balance the results..
slow and its ia shift..its a big task at this time to bring the points of what we are suppose to see and what we need to to see into balance..not everything we are engaged with shows the obvious signs of progress, but even the stopping of a thing ..brings with it a lesson. so stagnation has its work its tasked to achieve.
it keeps saying Justice.
we dont have allot of truth served to us on the screen so we are left to balance inside of our intuition .
i see big suds foaming to clean the dirt here.
a reaction..and the reaction tells the story that there is a directive in play that is com[promising to deliver the balance.
for the question in the box..


underneath the water the fish swim
"dont fish here"

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1 year 8 months ago #538 by Silent
Post #325

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1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #539 by Silent
If you have been scared by the shadow thats been following you, remember, the shadow is proof light is real.
Ong Bak

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1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #540 by Silent
50:05 to 50;30

ran into this vid today, familiar discussion in our timeline. I laughed how this guys on 50:05 went on to play with the word "Probably" this..and that.. though it was a thing they could just not believe in, and it goes away.
no cant just pretend its a 'not'. The reasoning stands in the discussion that this is mentioned that 'people argue' dude..well that's fine!..argue about wont change the truth. Permission is sooo obvious ..not a thing you can fk with. and to underestimate that the person alone is the defender of such desecration.
Legions of angels have fallen for such things. not by the hand of any man but because..its in that same company that brought about this same discussion ..and how they in there time of knowing respected the line as it was clear and understood.. this is not foolishness or regarded as a 'maybe' or a probability. lol
If you cut that wire, you might as well say good night, cause the dark that comes after that can only bring the kind of sleep nightmares live in.
Its not ME imagining it..

well your idea of 5G lightspeed network that is your idea of an infrastructure to tie in your game..the vulnerabilities wont last long after the inevitable storm it will call down, rendering your efforts into a sad joke.. fair to whats due. your reasoning and careless disrespect to things that have long been our collective traditions and mandates, will inevitably bring your efforts to its end. Look, were all allowed to sit in this dojo to learn..its when you cant respect our teacher and the lessons provided along with the necessary instruction and instead bring in your own get appropriately taught your escape. your free to leave, the rest of the class wants to learn, and we will learn the same lesson from your efforts, so do what you came to do.

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1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 7 months ago #542 by Silent
The drama is a trickle will walk in with placebo, it will try to convince that it is a fix and toss in the actors to play the role of "all is safe" one step will be good to take..then the next will..its will gain the trust and set up repeated campaigns to sell itself..
what comes to mind is the cell uses to look one way many years time went past the different upgrades walked us into what we have now.short steps and we are all glued to the palms of our hands and everything is a gradual soul suck...version to version. upgrades to upgrades..until whats going to happen to the person when you stop the internet or freeze the signals that provide that connection? does it look like people can cope with that now even?
its in the long run a thing we need to go through to understand what what we realy are..its into the scarcity that we develop the need and the yearning to reach the will to "want to" ..we have to want the real enough to use it with some pride and will teach us ..or what shows in the end that we teach ourselves the lesson, we each individually face this process in our lives. through our struggles..we learn or not learn a thing..and we devise ways to ignore whats obvious. and in our struggle to ignore it..we learn that it is. when we say what is not..we are talking about say i dont see it..and when you say it is not .. is it not still in your mind as the thing that is not..lies are born from the truth..sigh..its a complicated simple thing..
so the idea that we face the battle nowadays to rewrite DNA with CONSENT for a person to engage with the process of dissecting away their God Gene.
it cant just be said to a person "it wont do such a thing"..and if you dont see by now that vaccinations for years have long been involved in delivering alterations that were not intended to be activated or deactivated in our processing..we are slowly facing the realization that we as a collective have been walking into a dark room little by little till a door shuts behind us..and that is for some alittle too late.. what do we know? as underlings, we trusted way too much and believed everything elders or Government put on our plates..we just consumed, and it was good tasting food. and all the excitement that came by way of the screens and our entertainment..who could have stood to tell us different? of course the stop sign was always a blur at the speeds of our ambitions, its not like we didn't see was just a big "wtf was that" moment for many of us..and the answer to that question was so hard to hear when everyone replied at once and it was ten different things to what anyone thought it was..and as we crashed into realization and face our revelations, all the "we should have" and "we could have" could not be heard through the big noise of all of us screaming "holy shit!"!! as we seen the wall we were crashing into. The kids in the back of the bus who woke from us screaming never had a chance to figure out what was happening . something says we earned this..and it would be right...pop quiz..tells us what to learn right? we dont use it for that?
and for the small voice that says..we need a break to actually catch up to the real so we can get our chance to understand...then the voice of reason sits down and asks .."well, how do we explain this to you so that YOU will understand?"..and it really is YOUR in charge of telling the teacher how to teach you...and the incredible stare down that invokes the tears that well up in our eyes as we come to the realization that we have been teaching our self all along..and in the wildest epiphany. we see that all the characters that revolve around us to engage with us indirectly and in the background are :US: acting out each persons roles individually..yea.?? way..thats a stretch...but what
Let :US: make man in OUR Image..
shhh, dont hit me yet..let me get this out of the way
now...its ok ..ive broke my pencil drawing this picture already,, and just as im thinking of sharpening it to continue ive lost my track of thought and caught a distraction..going to have to come back to this one.

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1 year 7 months ago #543 by Silent

I just found this guy talking about things..and Im blown away of the things he had mentioned in this video to be things I have mentioned in our conversations through this thread.
Im seriously stunned and shocked, but in fact do recognize that there is a thread of consciousness that does reflects through, i get the idea of a diamond that shoots off different rays from a single reference, I found things that David Icke also was a facet of much of how i was understanding ..bits and points all scattered but in so far as no one is collecting it all into a consolidated its many people ive run across that said things that i heard if that like we are all tuning into a signal and we are radios turn it up? im feeling less embarrassed to speak about things now..
so relieved , im real happy to see this video..serously listen to this guy..Im going to go dig into more of his stuff now..and I particularly enjoyed the interviewer as on.asking the right questions and how well he was hearing it a great vid. will look into his work as well now..


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1 year 7 months ago #545 by Silent

This is one very clear perspective to what is going on in the spirit right now.
it this 'Justice' thing that I been hearing over and over getting this as it unfolds myself. Im realizing that God is working out the kinks in our not that we can know, and then this understanding part will have to sort itself out with us as we face up to where we stand, and how far we need to shuffle into what is good for our advancement.
see the idea tha also shows up is that we are going to have to make our own choice by what we know to decide ether we want to join with AI's promises or restore to our original promise, in that we split to to the two camps..maybe this is what they meant sheep..or goats?
The transmutation has only so far it can connect to the original promise for resources , it caps off, limitations to the goods of the whole. as originals..we can do so much and then as the transmuted it has its limitations. yet has its benefits.

its almost like Jedis can be Jedi only under the condition they dont borg out. the more they enhance through transmutation the less they rank themselves in the realms to connect to their force. (source). as for the transmutation it is only a mimic to all that is Original. or necessary. I cant exactly nail all the real definite points and benefits, it looks like a complete course through collage to become a professor or something..its just takes allot of time and focus to tune ones understanding to it. maybe as they say..through lifetimes.
and for me to sit here and point to it..lets just say "I have a hunch" .
going to get some lunch.

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1 year 5 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #546 by Silent
topic is still in the works

Be careful taking 'the shots'. This will set the grounds to later mandate alterations that compromise what is normal and good inherently. This creates the environment through manipulation to prescribe a fix, and in so doing invites in a control system through alterations and biological manipulation. As it is, a collection of technologies that will entice and promise great advancements. Many will have no choice as time goes on to transcend into further alterations to stay alive. Many will become lured and extremely fascinated to transition over.

These times unlock great distress, separating people into groups of status and class. The mark is a distinction of 'human' born or modified through genetic manipulation forcing transmutations using genetic biological templates for advancements, built from a type of clone Borg Ai. "_Black-Goo_". (joking). The "beast" is just that. its just the 'body' of man/women all by himself/herself making of himself/herself what it can along side with Ai as as source to animate itself. Alternatively humanity will be Splinting into two camps. Its not hard to recognize how things are going. and are progressing. Ai will create detection systems and classifications as needed to classify what will be separated for use. Through this transition time many will choose to be outcast as they try to maintain what is claimed to be original as this becomes a maze of claims and paths that many will question and quest into as secret sects compete with claims to have the purest source for what is remembered through tales of outdated or manipulated history. Ai will try to render these quests to these ends fruitless through campaigns to label the idea of 'seeking' as foolishness. With all that it can offer as advancements as apposed to the norms, that living without will lead into a life of scarcity and poverty, it will become increasingly hard to coexist In this to the ones who are called to be teachers or seekers, living to reclaim or maintain paths to the original source, hold out their hand to help with much suffering in the wake of high advancements. A cold stark existence. yet much of all this in spirit can be seen now even just as when Jesus walked as he spoke how it had been present then around his surroundings when he spoke from his time, the familiar face that is ever present. the counter acting force that stands as the balance to what is ordained and original in the heart of creation.
(sigh) "weeds in the garden growing together till the harvest"
We have our leaders in both camps as usual. teachers for both. whats good for each is determined by the needs expected for both camps to survive.
seasons are set, as in a garden what grows and to what goes. ALL for the glory of God. All is subject to God and his will. and ultimately nothing is worth anything without him.
Dont dispare, the grace of God extends to lift all to himself and in this we are part as testimony, rest in his will. Ai is like a shadow as proof to what is light. th ere is no right without a wrong as proof. salt of the earth
In our eternal garden the word had to say 'don't' to birth in us 'choice' to then show the tree that will enticed us, the snake... The secrets of this garden story are still hidden. yet still in our not knowing we still live it. I have not be allowed to share this yet. and look forward to when and if I could. but even if I don't tell what i learned, someone else will, and again I can say this, that we all live it regardless if it is said or not.

Alterations that so many have taken up to this day have opened the door to the changes that are now required for the sake concern over public "health" . We have boarded this train long time back , we are just about nearing the destination that the majority of the public are already compromised and stand little chance to change the outcome, The injections up to now are clear manipulations, as many will see through symptoms that follow their courses, Its a sad thing to see that more damage is obvious then what will start to be a subject that will rise , but the counter campaign is set up to bring in alterations that will enhance human abilities as apposed to deflect disease . this to me is odd that these advancements have not come out by now, I would expect to see things roll out very soon, along with the talk of life advancements that boast the abilities to enhance life expectancy along side with the jacking people into cloud identities that boast special skill sets that are Ai enhanced, a interface that jacks the person into a VR alter universe that jumps dimensions to interface to interact with ultra beings as guides and teachers to new worlds. the dark changes open into allot of promise and the worlds that interact to guide humanity ..
the thing is we are at this junction as a species and allot of what is on the spiritual side will show up together in pockets to reveal that we have just as much promise and ability in the astral spiritual paths to our being. we will wake up as all this will reveal itself one side cannot cancel the other, they both exist as we progress, one side swings to inspire the balance of the other. anxiety is a product of our fears and misunderstandings, and our struggles are signs of our learning. our experience will teach us best to prove what we thought we knew..and then when we gain our knowing..we see what we thought we knew was far from fair.
Anyway..I cant say "trust God" and it just be something that works to ease suffering. I dont know what makes one get to a place that it will be believable, even then we suffer regardless. but a peace about it does rest in our hearts that we are not forgotten..

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1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #547 by Silent
ok, im hearing this..going to try and go with it.
life is like a box of chocolates...

so big baseball game..people come to the stadium..all sporting their teams paraphernalia, and we get into the game, we know the players and get all caught up in this big game. Lets say its the grand game..the last one to see who wins the world series.
We are in the bleachers and that is us in spirit..we project all our frustrations and hopes from siting where we are..the rules are set and everyone knows what is a foul and what is fair.
Lets say our world history now is represented in us witnessing this game, we associate with some of the characters as players in their strengths and weaknesses, we know they can mess up or do well at any point in their performance. Its a given..we dont expect too much perfection, we can adjust to some failures, but we WANT and expect things to be fair.
We know, we cant just rush into the field and take over our players role, we have to go through trusting them for who they are.
Nobody's going be able to jump in and change things from the bleachers..we are only able to get caught up in trusting things to go well enough within the framework that is generally expected for this game...this is the stage were God with the big G is the one who invented the game and owns the whole thing..and loves the game cause WE love the game..and knows how WE like our games..soo..WE all sit screaming and having our moment and he enjoys the game and gets a kick out of how happy and engaged in all this We become.
So within all this we know and expect things will get wild..players are going to be good and players are going to be bad..both teams, sporting their own fans. good plays , bad plays.

Life as we know it is like this analogy.

But the game ends and the winners celebrate as the loosers experince defeat. we all go away and the stadium closes, we are not living in that stadium or living just that day..we go away..and live more of a life then just that day. We had a wild day and it was great for some, bad for others..but thats not all who we are everyday! as much as we felt everything as real as it felt in the time we were involved when that day happened. It was real and had a true effect on each for how much hope he/she put into it..


We are in like a game of loosers and winners and we can only do so much, we have to pick a side and try and make the best of how we are allowed to experience it.
this is the part.."trust God" gets another chance to be understood..

i dont think hes going to line everyone one up from the loosing side along with their fans to execute them at the end of the game.
if he hated loosers that much we all wouldn't see any around all by now.
no one would want to play even at all lol. or try even, or believe in anything. and that would make us loosers just to think about it.

what are loosers but winners in training. doesn't loosing make winning obviously glorious?
we learn from this all..

we just do.
Thank God.

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1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #548 by Silent
a thought if the "They" that are so interested in getting a control system in play, the method to have people give away their freedom best would be to create a harmless water based injection, call it a 'vaccine' for the fake pandemic , play the fear card, have everyone run to get it..claim it works..and then repeat the cycle till everyone can see that the fix or hero is trustworthy. get as many people to subscribe that way, being that its harmless to get the shot..just name the shot whatever you want..have it priced high enough t make it worth the trouble...or if you have the lie running so that shots are cooked up by real labs, by those who are not in the loop, high jack those shots as they are being delivered to be released..put the watered down shots in play instead..the more people take the shots without incident the more it becomes less rejected, and you run the psychology through that it IS good and expected and everyone is made and people are positioned to sell it off ..set the shots up in rotation, that variants are expected..and you get 3 shots down the road..get a card and your well off...the cards or ID system gets instituted with way less of a fight. many would just see it stupid to fight off. inject a new iPhone system release with that awesome tech that allows for users to jack into that new VR real-time Ai system, but put the condition down that only those who played along with thier vax program can only access it. this ID that interfaces to it,this ID tattoo thing. becomes the rage just like a hot new Iphone release. who would not want to get one. to join the biggest social VR interface craze. lets just say that it goes 'viral' long as everyone gets one that gets the 3 shots it sells itself. now. once everyone get to that point, let it roll out, let them get used to it..let them experience the benefits, now the hook is the 3 shots are harmless and everyone trusts the process and can experience the benefits then set up a prescription subscription program and unleash the tech that interfaces them to some serious advanced upgrades. you know..the doolie doo stuff, yea, the one that does that know? hmm.
seriously? at that point everyone is so caught up into thier life of VR interfaced reality, they would kill themselves if they couldn't be jacked in.
reality would suck so bad without it..look how people need the internet, or their iphones, ..or electricity..

ok the reason i bring this up is that their is a way easier way to get the cows into that barn..soo..
why risk the much money to make right?

big question now is..
why are people dying with these vaccines that are going out now?
why are they using these impossible methods that enlist the most fear and harm for humanity? does it look like its designed to help humanity? I mean they claim its with a big heart they are going at it this way?
it reminds me of pushing a bunch of cows over next to a cliff, right up to the edge, and then shoot a gun into the air. fear gets them to loose it.
then if choice is a balance factor , between what is considered to potentially be a part of a prime directive. when the cows push each other over..wont it be a headline that reads "these cows threw themselves off the cliff"...
sooo, fingers point to who shot the gun? with everyone who had a doctors badge raising their hand, and they all said it was to shoot a wolf that was hiding in the bush...and the wolf that they shot wasn't a wolf after all, in the aftermath it was discovered that it was some 15 year old kid who was paid allot of money to hide in that bush with a wolf costume, was told to hide all day and not to come out no matter what he saw..half upfront and half at the end of the day...little did he know, tisk tisk. So who paid him? Zoros? Biff Grapes, Sally Parker Meat Loaf? ? who told so and so to pay so and so..and so on.

we have a setup folks..shots are going off at that bush as we speak ..

so the big question then keeps poking at me..


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1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #549 by Silent
So, things running through my mind on the subject,
I get that allot of tech has been consolidated into classes that keep the general public activated in a trickle out situation, the release and implementations and the selected few who manage such things, I have to say this to guys are graced in what you do its just that its not lending to off world efforts fast enough. We should see allot more mission control systems going into play to get people working into orbital workstations or workshops to build and manage technologies that inspire exploring and mining and learning to navigate around our immediate galaxy. We should be tapping into the inherent curiosity in our nature to explore these unknowns. such an enticing inspiring market, ..see if you can see that if you looked at it as a fruit would be full and ready to cultivate. the idea to draw back on the reproduction factor of the yield is counter to the program, it a poisoning progress, creates disconnected fears and draws out the worst in our collective well being.
Humanity has a bright future built in, our inspirations are imploding, its just being misdirected with greed through the hording of power and what eats at the few who hold much power, they are haunted with voices to "keep" through classifications to whom they deem worthy. its a path that carries its own destruction as it forces them into alliances to sink the ship if they wont get their way.
they sell their souls for momentary satisfaction. whats new right?
Like high voltage power that brings all the promise along with the immediate consequence if you miss place your current directions.

so back to why.
the why is misplaced ambition , the spirit in the machine leans to the balance to shake all these things into the front lines..we get to see them revealed and we adjust to adjust our efforts to what is responsibly inherent for our process to progress. Its the scales doing it brings these things to light as problem areas to work on before we can advance collectively. some people call it disclosure, and in a way yea, allot of whats hidden is ok to trickle out..but not to keep it from of our consciousness, this is the direct energy that kicks the balance into all these side effects we see now world wide. in fact its almost seems as though the world and all the systems in balance get thrown off all together as though it is always been part of the cycle ..these changes are built in seasons for us. we are in a season of changes ..fascinating how its spirals down through consciousness and how it interlaces with our spiritual lessons. its magnificent and awe inspiring, its grand and I tend to bow my head in such glorious spaces that inspire me to see. My gratitude and respect.

all this will be like a bad storm that unlocks the locks that keep our progress from advancing. its going get real obvious.
i always said.."Stupid gets Obvious" we collectively outsmart the stupid when it gets obvious. we cant help it lol.
get ready to slap a few heads. they dont see it coming obviously. stand up when they scream sit down. and sit down when they say stand up.
and a fuse pops in their head , they just dont recover after that. what they turn into after that moment whos to say. I know replacements are natural as the sun coming up after a dark cold night.
we come this far, maybe it will be dark for a few days lol..oil up your lamps, store up a fw cans of extra soup, you know the drill.

sometimes the cost to do the right thing gets extremely obvious.
the big hammer takes allot out of you to swing, but sometimes you gotta tear down to rebuild it better.

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1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #552 by Silent
yea, I get things said hear are obvious, I get that we are looking for big answers to big problems, Im sorry that things are stressed and extremely trying right now. Allot of people want accountability and change that encourages well being. Im just witnessing things as you all are, Im mumbling under my breath as I write my thoughts out, Im not taking into account that anyone is really reading me here, I have to approach this for my own sanity this way. It seems to ground the voices in my head, I mean, Im hearing allot of voices all at once going off in the space in my head..this is me picking a conversation out of it all that that I can manage to understand, sorting it out as I hear it type, and asking these questions. and then writing how i hear it come back to make sense for me.
I get that this is allot more like sitting in a battlefield in a trench with my gun as the noise of death and dying people are blasting all around me, and here I am forcing myself to think happy thoughts. its not like everyone in this mess is asking why are we killing each other? whats the war for? so many reasons and such a cost. I cant let anyone hurt any of my buddy's fighting here..but why not go after the ones who put us in this trench and battle to begin with? its the immediate threat to our safety and well being now that becomes a priority, I get that. But we can fix this so we dont all have survive in this pit ..right?
whos not thinking that? how long before we can do something about it? are all of us in this pit who are waking up to that endless question going to even survive this day to make a difference? how many licks to get to the center of this tootsie pop? whos counting, bite it already before or we starve.
I have to watch some survivor man to get a clue how to live now. cause walking away from this madness is going to force me 'out there'
the simple things have become so complicated and how to drink water from a cup makes us drown.
the lessons of what life is slaps us like a wet fish to side of the head. and you go to beat the person who threw it at you, cause you cant fish and your starving.
the lessons to living go flying over my head. and , and..
speaks for itself , to itelf, cause the tv is to loud for anyone to hear it.
yea, next time the circus comes to town. I should join.

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1 year 3 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #553 by Silent
Vaxxed 2 The People's Truth

From an IMDB review:
I was pleased to see it's not just a movie of "sad stories" I walked away knowing what vaccines to stay away from, what side effects to look for, what doctors know and don't know and why we're not being told this information in the media or at the doctors office. As exemptions are being taken away and mandates are being implemented, this is a movie everyone (not just parents!) needs to see.

Mirrored with thanks to Observation Deck

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1 year 1 month ago - 1 year 1 month ago #555 by Silent
To the question in the box "What is the Kingdom Of God"?

sorry if this is not the exact answer you were looking for. I asked, and this is the answer I got..

A farmer who goes out and digs a hole and puts in a seed..the seed grows to be a fruit tree..and it does.
nice big juicy fruit. Some people walking on a long journey come to find this tree and find this fruit and eat it ..they are happy and sustained .and grateful to the farmer who allows them to partake of this fruit.

the Kindom is the seed that is a seed that has the ability to become a fruit bearing tree..the ground the the seed grows in..and the water that is available , and then the fruit that grows and is good to eat..all provided soon as we are born into this world, for our long journey.
the air we breath..the sky that is blue, and so on..all these are free and provided, in some cases with help these things become better for our needs provided we participate with our creative nature. We give the creator glory for providing this as we understand it is a gift and become familiar with the ways that things work together..we grow in our understanding of these ways and we learn about God through them. Thats if we are willing to make that kind of a conversation happen within our time that we engage with our life.

the conversations are sometimes referred to as the "Nature of things"..the way, etc.. I personally like the way the Japanese have observed and engaged in their conversations to this. very fascinating.
This Kingdom is the earth and our conversations with it..some things are understood, while other things are misunderstood..different cultures bring a different point of view..different climates and needs to sustain often changes how things are understood.
But ultimately the people and nature are working to cultivate and understanding that for one doesn't exclude the needs to sustain and to provide. respect and agreements arise as part of of what it takes to share and partake. no one has claim to the entire earth for it is already under a well managed system that it does allot of what it does because its an ordained nature.

This God that some question even exists is not the farmer who planted the seed ..the man who is the farmer is a creation of this God and is placed in this analogy on this earth to have a conversation with God. The canvas for conversation is all things and earth as we see it.
So if the table is set and we are invited to sit and partake of this feast we can talk about anything..and thats nice, and as for how many people are seated it becomes a big conversation , some people are stealing off others plates as you can see this inst even necessary.
and obvious. see? this table is set in the Kingdom, and who able to claim it? and for the few who recognize the answer to the question .."who made this feast possible and who is hosting this feast?" .they know..because they have had some conversations with it along their lives journey.. they just learned to know.... and then to see the person who can pocket the most off this grand feasting table and run out into the balcony and empty his pockets onto a balcony table and call his friends over and claim he is hosting a feast..and for all his boasting he may claim he owns the entire can look convincing if he can grab enough off the table of the master host..but how can he claim ownership of the conversations that most people have? The day comes to prove what is truth brings revelations of how greed and ego driven personality disorders have a tendency to show up and become obvious distractions to the grand feast..but never do they have the power to alter what is truth, at least to uproot it from life altogether.. and what is true comes out to testify every day through the nature of things provided freely for all to see.

and this balcony party gets obvious to everyone, and the host lets it happen why? cause he knows they need to eat to. and will come to there senses, as all things come to light.

Many testify as for what they learned and they respect it enough to listen to hear it speak. and considerations in all sincerity turn out to be good long walks on a beach, or long walks in the gardens of life.
Alott of what most people take from being around in nature always seems to heal the mind and the hearts of misunderstandings and longstanding conflicts..

sigh, deep breaths..


deep breath...........

so Kingdom of God
to me..isnt a thing we discover..we live.

it just IS.

and "they will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" me always was a defining point..that it is ALREADY done. and that part of the verse was just a way to remind me of who's in charge.
dare i disagree will be as it is, regardless of my opinion.

pass me the salt please ;)

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1 year 1 month ago - 11 months 3 weeks ago #556 by Silent
echo echo echo etc...
my my have they been busy making plans ... shock to some, but if we can think it..someone is trying to live it, or reaching for it , i see the old familiar terminator posters of the huge robot human looking thing walking through a bed of human skulls, to think that it comes out of the ashes of the death of the human race to find itself settling in ...same old Matrix plot..'the machines' ..its old school fear ..or did we always see this coming? some would actually say we called it into being..facing our fears sort of thing..
Personally i see it as growing up to what in the word 'reality'..some things we didn't know but need to know about who we are. This all teaches us about who we are..some parts of our selves we should be afraid of. but under the right guidance we manage to familiarize ourselves with the sides of our being that need attention through the likes of 'management'. think middle ages..the ways we tried to learn about what we know now..looking back doesn't have the best view of how well we stood for ethics. we cant just stand around screaming about what we find and claim more then what we deserve..
part of opening our eyes..we need to see ..and live through the truth.
who can escape it.

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10 months 3 days ago - 10 months 3 days ago #558 by Silent
sorry guys, been so long. I have had allot of database errors showing up throughout the websites, it was completely broken just yesterday. got it up just enough to show the forum and pages and be able to write this. looking for a permanent fix .

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9 months 1 week ago - 9 months 1 week ago #559 by Silent
so you like conspiracy's? know why the concept of the movie plot 'zombie' apocalypse is so popular? you know how far back this one played on the screens?
the plot shows used to be people turn into raging attacking keep that in mind..the people are raging and attacking, desperate for unknown underlying reasons..and that is what changes in the plot..the 'what' that makes them turn into raging attacking mobs...and the 'why'. but usually its some pathogen that turns them..the avenue is usually an 'infection'. 'Infection'..pretty close to the word spirit it looks about the same...
the reason I bring this up is cause this is very familiar to our psyche now..dont forget that also these zombies usually have and 'off time'..a set time they are 'asleep', people uninfected have there time to do what they need to..and visa vers.
so many plots across examine the same concept through various plots..even the matrix has the machines and the people who are locked into a slave cycle ..its a 'us and them' system. and then the ones who are claiming to be awake..maybe they are..but to another type of slave cycle.
so ..let say the objective is to contaminate the population with a pathogen that when they aim a frequency at a population from a satellite the infected react in the sort of way that causes them to rage to such an extent to attack ..they can turn it on and off at will . thie idea to bring about polarized and different views in lifestyles and moral points of view set the conditions that antagonize an expected outcome..they have it setup so that the biggest effect on the population will cause obvious chaos and destruction to peace and safety.

Through chaos ...hmm? where have i heard that before

So they enlist there control and implement their version of what is a fix..the usual control system upgrade. a rewriting of all requires a breakdown of all that was used for safety and security to become useless..and the idea is to get our will to lockstep in there plans..we have to ultimately is a game of will and a sorting of groups and schools of thought that collect in pools to save aged there a collection mechanism to source these built into the system..and why?..proof of that anywhere? so many clues left through our realm point to some kind of repetitive change that involves off worlding populations .
whats obvoious i we cant see it face to face to 'know'..but we can see its handiwork.

lets go to the desert when Jesus and the devil had the conversation of who can give who for what exactly? ultimately thin that conversation things had been mentioned that a system had been established and rules were in play and that clearly a path was drawn our for both to exists for a set time...
anyway not to take this conversation into that realm..i do want to try and bring out the idea that this whole thing about the shots is to set the stage for a control change..a system change..
what that looks like? well fo that path it offers great deal of all the technological advancements we see today and then some, more interesting then what we can imagine..cause they are holding allot of that back and have yet to unbox that to invite us to participate.. try to imagine that whatever the future can ever bestow on us..stands in the room other words they travel back to show us what we are what are we being sold is us in the future already having bought the sell...its the timing of these changes that sort out the company we are sitting with.
so..we do this you know..and then we do other things too..

so they have there bunkers to ride out the change..and the drama is to cause us to line up and realign our perspectives to shifting gears to the next level in our...we have ideas i get that..but collectively the system is design to float till this showed up.. it carried us till now..allot to unsee and relearn...sometimes they just wipe the board and start with a different way to reach the same concept..
always a control..
every level in the game brings its new challenges..and with those challenges comes the right way to do it and the wrong.
maybe ill have more to say about all this..maybe i wont..

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7 months 1 day ago - 7 months 1 day ago #560 by Silent

Silent wrote: <em><strong>490"if when we face the end we face our beginnings."You'r talking 12 monkeys "End At The Beginning" sub-header?12</strong></em>

Im guessing so, the idea does come to mind that it could go with that concept. its was a random lyric in the moment.
Lets just say that we go with that, I dont find it exactly as its being shown through the media, its shows up different in my head.

I see it being a Trojan horse of the east took some kind of offense from how the US took a stand in the direction of making them face themselves on how the protesters stood for their rights and such. AND something to do with when you corner the mob after many years of having been in the game, pushing things to a standoff with talks of exposing and arresting so and so.
the Q movement and the like.

It shows up in mind like a faction took on the idea to let the dogs out they threw the card on the table and said..try your move and we go with this move ..
one virus sets off the a fire drill being set off as a distraction during a bank robbery while the robbers run around in fireman suits to get shit done.
something says dont fall for the first drill..the real monster is in the clean out..everyone will think its one thing and it piggybacks in through it, and nobody sees it coming.
remember they need your consent to make it good. the will - how we know will balance it back to right.
so lies inside the truth box jumps out like a wind up monkey box..
you wind it up..your hand will do the work ..the tinkling sound of the tune you get so mesmerized sounds so trust it, like a childhood memory you cant put your finger on.. and then..hello. everyone goes to point in what direction it came from..and it wont be traced..its a mutation . it just shows up in the heat of the panic, like we thought we knew how to deal with it but turned out to become something worse.
whoever is in the loop gets told they will be immune ..a few will be sacrificed ..dude its a sad thought i know..I dont like to see it plays in my head how it does.
i was mainly saying it is in the script spoke of the time of peace and safety..and then a sudden end. i see the idea should have run to the hillz when the words in the book started changing.
the virgin story i mentioned. that was clear in my head too. like i said..its in the script, its a matter of how you interpret them. how it speaks to you..
we all have it to read..but then there are those who are crazy like me..just reading whatever in between the lines driving everyone else crazy.

yea..looks like a Trojan horse ..its in the script. ..just everyone else...just me i guess.

i have to sleep on this to get my mind to bring up an eventual outcome from all this..i will post it soon as it comes in.

Said it back in Feb 2020 - Post #494

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7 months 1 day ago #561 by Silent
this site is so broken in the backend, lucky to even see this working for me to post still.. Im just waiting for the thing to throw up a error and not work at all soon...
I have no idea yet how to migrate any of this to be on top of something working and stable. as fate has it..its working for a reason even after its broken. go figure.
lets just see how it goes yes?

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5 months 3 weeks ago #562 by Silent

Silent wrote: responding to
Im with the idea that the card was a long con long before and seems that allot of layers were in the cake to bake it in the time they set..this could be the card they might call a trump card, the one they use to keep everyone playing in check...because decent is not a thing that can be tolerated a general rule to a long con..way too much to loose . .the needle jab ..thier nano black goo mind trip (jump to 42 - listen carefully) that goes after the God Gene ..thier trickster, thier cleaner. the one that calls down the thunder. its the balance that lives as the bright inside the light that opens our eyes to see in our ends. this time round waking up is going to cost us our dream. an what we come to seeing when we awake is going to be our truth and our reckoning.
Im sure they had in mind they would love to mandate it and enforce it so without it you wont be able to participate in the grand society, check points to scan for thier mark that shows you got thier shot. on a hand or head. its just for the "safety of us all" they will say. Alarms to go off at the doors to malls and all public entry places like airports, borders, etc. as face scans will play nice with it..see thier layers? the long con?
right in the open,
this is playing all out like this is all in the script. as usual it captivates us through our fears and in our ignorance we seek the help in a spell of panic.from.a crisis manufactured hyped up is enough. we dont end with it all ends well in the long run..its part of the big reveal..they cant pull this off :ultimately: as a control. .they get checked as they progress, like they cant stop shooting themselves in the foot, Genesis 3:15: fate, just the way it is. still it cost us a dream to wake up.
dont panic we dont fall for this ..we come to realize who were dealing with and as always,we just decide what to do with it. history played this in reflections , mimicking it like kids playing with sticks as guns to growing up to playing with real guns in a grown up war. seriously...dont be shocked..this has been always sitting at our dinner tables at our family gatherings, hell we even laugh at his jokes. familiar face like an uncle Joe.
I dont say this will be an immediate sort of comes out from this event like a jack in the box..we wind it up through our fears and this thing just pops out.

from March 15 2020 - post 500

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pray and read your Bible - enough to align your soul to it. impressions will follow

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What is the Kingdom of God?

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Can you tell us more about what you see is the "Alternative" and this "Original" state?

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