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"Endless (Hello, Goodbye)", Silent Company's second release of 2015, takes the listener on a musical journey through love, loss, belief, and renewal. Bee is back at his best, showcasing his knack for electronic composition, keyboards, bass, and the gorgeous sounds of the Epiphone ES-339. Bee lyrical skills, and his and Edd's duet vocals, bring the listener on the ride through an emotional gamut, the finale being what can only be called the "surprise ending" of the far! A lyrical/vocal cameo by Elisabeth Popp Sambleben completes the work beautifully. No matter your beliefs, this tune will have you believing that anything is possible.


say goodbye to yesterday
when the sun comes up
its gone away

if your looking for the past
it isnt here

moving like a freight train
going past our yesterdays

its in our eyes
then it disapeers

As time goes by / hello goodbye
I could never say goodbye / hello goodbye

If we begin again
with our love eternaly
its not hopeless
cause we are endless

stand with me
to cut the chains that bind
were not defenceless
cause were endless..endless

(Elisabeth Popp)
Like a phoenix rising
Another day is here
Yesterday is gone now
the future is bright and clear


If your someplace I can't see
your someplace I can feel
then I can begin again

Endless Endless

SC / Elisabeth Popp

Elisabeth Popp

I Origins (2014)
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