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2015 starts off with a bang, and the newest Silent Company release. "Next To You" is a bluesy rock track that starts very melancholic, but ends with an optimistic outlook that anyone can testify to. This tune looks at all that we do to be with the one we love, in good times and rough ones as well. Bee is once again on piano with a gorgeous melody, but this time 'round, the Epiphone ES-339 makes a stunning lead appearance, and with the duet-style vocals in full effect, along with a few bits Silent Company "magic", "Next To You" is one to share with someone you love, or just want to get next to.

Next to You

Walking down this lonely street

I feel the rain coming down on me

The road ahead is getting harder to see
cause the winds of change blowing around me

I can't deny myself to
take a chance to

follow this dream
to find my place next to you

ohh next to you

find my place
next to you

A place ..ohh

Silent Company

The Notebook (2004)
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