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Silent Company's latest offering is "Set Me Free", a pointed look at how to "come back" when all around you is shrouded in darkness. Painted as an emotional coming-to-terms between two people, this song could be about a relationship on any scale, and how, in order to set ourselves free, it's necessary to break the cycle. Bee's skill on strings holds the spotlight on this track, along with a comeback by the ES-339, and a very smooth, yet present percussion section. The vocal duet between Bee and Edd highlight the theme, and bring the story home in a most powerful rendition. Definitely a track to inspire contemplation as to what we all need in order to be to be set free.

Set Me Free

and this is the day
i end this masquerade
with you

there's no other way
it's time we stop our fighting
and forge a truse

i'm tired of running
i'm tired of what we do with the truth
i need to make it up to you

and face another...day (extended)


set me free 2x

set me free 2x


set me free...

Copyright 2015 Silent Company

Oblivion (I) (2013) Company Credits

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